How To Export Tagged Contacts From Facebook Messenger into Google Sheet

Follow these simple steps to export tagged contacts to a Google Sheet using the Chatsilo extension



1. Ensure you are inside Facebook Messenger,  Launch the ChatSilo extension from the top right section of your browser.

2. Click on the menu icon (at the top-right) within the extension. From the dropdown menu, select "Export tagged contacts."

3. You will be prompted to enter the link to the Google Sheet where you want your data to be exported. Click the link below the input field to make a Copy of the Default Google Sheet

4. Click on "File" within the Google Sheet then select "Make a copy" from the dropdown menu.

5. Edit Document Name: Rename the copied document. For example, you can use "New Chatsilo contact list" as the document name,then click the “Make a Copy” button.

6. Configure the privacy settings to "Anyone with the link and change the view access to “Editor” and then copy the Google Sheet link.

7. Go back to the Chatsilo extension, then paste the Google Sheet URL in the provided URL field.

8.  Click the "Verify" button within the extension to confirm that the URL is valid and accessible.

9. Select  the specific tag(s) from which you want to export the contact information.

10. Click the "Export" button within the extension to export your contact information into the Google Sheet.

11. Once the export process is completed, check your Google Sheet. You will find all tagged contacts exported into the sheet.

By simply following these steps, you'll smoothly export your tagged contacts from Chatsilo to a Google Sheet, making it a breeze to organize and analyze your data!

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