How to search tag name from Chatsilo listing popup

1) To search a tag name from Chatsilo listing group, click on the three dots following the name you want to add the tag to as shown in the screenshot below. 

2) After which the list of the tags will popup. Instead of scrolling up and down in search of a particular tag, you can simply type in the tag name in the search area.

Then as you type in the letters, it will display the related tag. 

Check the box as shown in the screenshot below.

3) For instance, I want to search for the tag name "Fast Action Takers". Note that tags that begin with "Fas" letters will show up.

4) Please note that you don’t need to press the Add Tag button as that is used for adding new tags without having to click on the Chatsilo extension icon.



Let's proceed.

How to add a new tag without clicking on the extension icon

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