How to tag a contact in messenger

Here’s how to use Chatsilo to tag your Facebook Messenger contacts. 

Recall that the Chatsilo is already opened in your Facebook Messenger.

All you need to do is identify the contact you want to tag, then click on the (+) icon after the person’s name. 

Immediately you click on that, the tag list display box will pop up.

Select the tags you want to add the contact to, by ticking the name as labelled green (in the image below.) Also, note that you can search tag from "search tag" area at the top part.   

Simply add them to the tag as shown.

You'll also notice that as you add the tag to a particular contact, the tag name appears on the contact (as shown in the part labelled orange - in the image below.)

Great. You've added tags to your contact.

One last step requires that you click on the X icon to effect the tagging.

Let's move on...

Here is how to edit the text of a tag

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