How to create a Tag a.k.a labels in Chatsilo

Here, you will learn how to use Chatsilo to create tags for your Facebook Messenger contacts and pages.

The first step here is to click on the Chatsilo icon at the top right area of your browser, then click on open Facebook Messenger.

Note: Chatsilo now works directly on if you don't want to use the Messenger interface that's attached to your Facebook account.

Once you clicked that, it opens your Facebook messenger.

When you get to your Facebook messenger, click again on the Chatsilo extension and you’ll be taken to the image as shown below.

Already, I have created some tags that I named "Top Buyers", "Action Takers" etc. 

To create your first tag or an additional one, click on the (+) button as shown in the image below. 

When you do that, you will get a display as highlighted below. So enter your tag name into the area. I named my new tag, "Top Performer." 

After that, click on any area on your screen to add your tag. 

Once done, you will immediately get a prompt that a tag has been added - as shown in the image below. 

You've created your first tag.

You can see all the tags I've created below.

What next?

Here is how to tag a contact in messenger

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