How to send bulk messages to Messenger contacts in batches

1) Log in to Chatsilo by clicking the Chatsilo extension as shown on the screenshot below.

Then click on the "Send Bulk Message" tab as shown below.

2) You will be directed to the image below.

Easy. And take note of the following;

a) You can send message to all tagged contacts or select a specific tag to send message to by clicking on the tag and move it to the right side of the container.

b) You can randomize the delay in sending messages

c) You can randomize the messages too

Most importantly;

You can set your delay timer

and also limit the number of messages sent 

Here I have made my limit to be 2 and, only 2 messages would be sent for the first time.

If I don't close my tab and I come back to it after some hours, there would be resume button.

If you put 2 in the limit, then total of 4 would be sent out of 5 or if you put 1, the remaining 1 message would be sent.

The only condition you need to take note is that the tab must not be closed.

I hope this helps.

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