How to mass message your Facebook contacts

In this tutorial, you would learn how to use Chatsilo Chrome extension to mass message all your Facebook contacts or friends.

1) First, launch your Chatsilo Chrome extension, as labelled 1 in the image below.

The head over to the tag that has your contact in it.

Click the inverted arrow to reveal the tag name options. 

Now click on the envelope icon as labelled 2 in the image to send your mass message.  

2) You'll be shown another page where you can select other tags if you wish. The other tags are enclosed in blue in the image below. Please note that you can scroll down to view the other tags.
Then type your message As shown below.

3) After this, scroll down and send selected as shown in the image below.

Also, note that you can delay the message delivery and the limit of messages sent. 

That's it.

You're able to mass message your tagged Facebook contacts.

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