How to Export Tagged Contacts to Google Sheet with Chatsilo



Managing your contacts and data is about to become a breeze with Chatsilo! Follow these simple steps to export tagged contacts to a Google Sheet.

1. Click on the Chatsilo extension icon in your browser. A menu will appear; select "Export tagged contact" from the options.

2. In the Chatsilo extension, you will see a field labeled "Google Sheet Link." Provide the link to the Google Sheet where you want to export your data.

3. Follow these steps to obtain your google sheet URL if you haven’t set it up previously:

 Click the provided link to duplicate the default Google Sheet

4. Rename the copied document (e.g., "Chatsilo Contact List"), and adjust privacy settings to allow "Anyone with the link" and "View access to editor they copy the URL of the Google Sheet that you just modified .

5. Go back to the Chatsilo extension.Paste the copied Google Sheet link into the "URL" field inside the extension.

6. Click the "Verify" button to ensure that the URL is valid.

7. Choose the specific tags from which you want to export contacts.

8. Click the "Export" button within the Chatsilo extension.

9. Once the export process is complete, open the Google Sheet you created. You will find that all tagged contacts have been successfully exported into the sheet.

Congratulations! You have now successfully exported your tagged contacts to a Google Sheet using Chatsilo.

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