How to Send Messages When Someone Sends You a Friend Request with ChatSilo



If you want to send a message when someone sends you a friend request using ChatSilo, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your web browser and launch the Chatsilo extension from  the top right-hand corner.

2. Click on the menu icon  to access the menu 

3. Select the "Send Message to New Friends."

4. Ensure that you are on the tab labeled "Send Message When Someone Sends You a Friend  Request" turn on the switch button to enable the feature of sending a message when someone sends you a friend request.

5. Edit the default message template to better suit your needs. Alternatively, you can compose a new message that you want to send.

To personalize your message with the recipient's first name and last name, use the placeholders [first_name] and [last_name] where appropriate.

6. After composing or customizing your message, click the "Add" button to add the message to the template area. 

7. If you have multiple messages you want to send randomly to new friends, you can toggle on the "Randomize Message" option. This will ensure that different messages from your template are sent randomly to new friends.

8. Finally, click the "Save" button to implement the changes. Your ChatSilo extension is now set up to send messages automatically when someone sends you a friend request.

That's it! You've successfully configured ChatSilo to send messages to new friends who send you friend requests. Enjoy connecting with your friends effortlessly.

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