How to send message when you accept friend request

Here’s how to send a message when you accept a friend request

  1. Head over to the top right area of your browser and launch the Chatsilo extension

2. Click on “Send message to new friends”

3. Navigate and click on “Send message when you accept friend request.”

4. Type in the message you want to be sent to your new friends. Include tags: [first_name] [last_name], to personalize each message for your contacts.

5. To automate the operation, click the option "send a message when you accept a friend request."

6. By checking the "Randomize messages" option, you can add more messages to be sent randomly. 

7. Click on the button “Add new message” to include a message to the list.  You can add two more. Making it a total of 3 messages that can be selected from.   

8. To save your settings, click the Save button.

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