How to send friend requests to those who comment on any Facebook post



 Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Chatsilo to send friend requests to Facebook users who have commented on a particular post

1. Find the Target Post

Locate the Facebook post on which you want to send friend requests. It can be your own post or someone else's.

Click  the three dot menu on the post and select copy post url from the options.

2. Access the Send Target Friend Request Feature

Launch Chatsilo extension, click on the menu at the top right of the extension then select the "Send Target Friend Request" option from the menu.

3. Configure the Settings

In the "Send Target Friend Request" interface, you'll need to configure the following settings:

    • URL Field: Paste URL copied in step 1. Chatsilo will use this URL to identify the users who have commented on the post.
    • Limit: Specify the number of people you want to send friend requests to. Enter the desired limit in this field.
    • Delay Interval: Enter the delay interval between each friend request. This helps prevent any restrictions or limitations imposed by Facebook.
    • Message: Type your message inside the input field. You can personalize your message using variables such as first_name and last_name to make it more engaging and personalized.

 4. Start Sending Friend Requests

Once you've configured all the settings to your liking, click the "Start" button. 

Chatsilo will begin sending friend requests  to the users who commented on the target.

That's it! with Chatsilo, making friends and managing requests on Facebook is simpler and smarter.

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