How to Link/Add another Facebook Messenger Account

Here, you will learn how to add another Facebook Messenger Account in ChatSilo.

Note: When adding another Facebook account, please make sure your existing plan supports multiple messenger account management. 

You may refer to this link for our plan references:

1. First Step is to log-in to the Facebook Account(2nd account) you want to add in ChantSilo.

2. Then click on the Chatsilo icon at the top right area of your browser, You will be show a screen as show below, click the "Link Facebook Account" to proceed.

3. After you have linked your facebook account, click again on the Chatsilo extension and you’ll be taken to the image as shown below.

Just click on  “Open Facebook Messenger” as shown below, and the Facebook account will be added.

Congratulations! You just added another facebook account under you chatsilo license key.

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