Why Chatsilo may not be working on your browser

Please, check your Chatsilo extension against these troubleshooting steps and you will be fine. 

1) Your Facebook account is brand new & doesn't have a username

Chatsilo may not work on your Chrome browser if your Facebook account doesn't have a username. Please, create a username and things will link properly.

2) When you are logged out of the Chatsilo extension

Check if you're logged out. If Yes, please, login, refresh the Messenger page and click the extension icon to manage your Chatsilo account.

3) When you change your Facebook username

If you change your Facebook username, the extension will not recognize your previous Facebook and you'll be requested to upgrade. 

This is because your license is linked to the username.

To resolve this issue, you need to contact us via support@ chatsilo.com

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