How to Send Friend Requests to Facebook Group Members with ChatSilo Chrome Extension



1. Open your chrome web browser and navigate to Facebook. Make sure you log in to your Facebook account if you aren't already logged in.

2. Open the Facebook group you want to send friend requests to its members.

3. Access the group member page  by clicking on the "People" tab.

4.On your group member page, launch the ChatSilo extension from your browser toolbar. This will automatically open the "Send Friend Request" page inside the extension.

5. Optionally, assign selected members to a ChatSilo tag if you want to categorize the members you're about to send requests to.

6. Set limits (number of people you want to send friend requests) and delay between requests (e.g., 10 seconds).

7. Optionally, add a target keyword (e.g., "CEO") if you want to some specific group of people within the group.

8. Compose the message you want to send along with the friend request.

9. Click "Save" to start the process.

10. Confirm the successful completion of the action.

11. Check Facebook Messenger to see sent friend requests and tagged new members.

By following these  steps, you can efficiently send friend requests to Facebook group members using the ChatSilo Chrome extension.

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