How Do I Use Chatsilo For Adding Friends From Any Facebook Groups

Follow the steps below to use Chatsilo to send Facebook friend requests to anyone in any group you are a member of. 

Step #1: Open the members' area of the Group from which you wish to add the targeted audience. 

Once you are on the group page, click on ‘Members’. The most essential thing to make Chatsilo function is to be on the Members page of the group. 

Step #2: Next, click on the Chatsilo icon from the extension bar. You can then enter the number of people you want to send the requests to by typing the numeral on the Limits bar. 

Then the time gap between each request can be entered in the Delay section. This is essential to ensure that your account isn’t barred on Facebook. 

Step #3: The most important step is to enter the ‘Keywords’ or the title of the Friends you wish to send a request to. You can type in as many relevant keywords required to let Chatsilo search targeted audiences and send them requests instantly. Then, just click Start!

Step #4: Depending on the number of members on the group you are using this on and how many of them match the criteria you set, wait for few minutes and the extension will start sending friend requests.

There'll be a progress popup as you can see as labeled 5.

I hope this helps.

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