How To Setup Notes For Any Contact Directly From Within Messenger

  1. Click on the Chatsilo icon beside the URL on your web browser. Then click on open Facebook Messenger.

 2) After opening on messenger, hover your cursor on any of the contacts you want to add a note to, then click on the note.

3) It will display the screenshot as shown below, then click on add note. 

4) Write the note as shown in the screenshot below, then click on Save button.

5) It will then display a green confirmation, “ your note has been added successfully.” 

6) You can view the notes you've created by clicking "View Note" in front of the contact as shown in the screenshot below.

7) Also, you can view the note from the extension following by clicking the tags that the contact belongs, as shown in labelled 2 of the image below. Then click on the vertical dots in front of the contact, then click notes. 

That's it.

Let's continue.

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